The Women's Center

Thank you to the 397 Moms that chose to have their babies at STRHS Lawrenceburg!  We were honored to be a part of such a memorable occasion.

When it comes to caring for women, Southern Tennessee Regional delivers quality care in a professional, comfortable, safe and clean environment. From the amenities to the heightened emphasis on education and communication, our women's services care team has been built around the center of every family, the mother. 

All are rooms are private and designed for Mom’s comfort and convenience where she can labor, deliver, recover, and receive postpartum care(LDRP) in the same room.   Our staff are all extensively trained in AWHONN (Association of Women’s Heath, Obstetric & Neonatal Nurses) fetal monitoring, NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Provider) and STABLE(a pre-transport stabilization of sick infants that require a higher level of care) are cross trained for labor, delivery, nursery, antepartum and postpartum care.

Birthing Center

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in life. At the Women's Center at Southern Tennessee Regional, we offer an entirely new birth experience. Our family-centered care means the focus is on the togetherness of the family, so you can cherish every moment. With that in mind, all baby care, including baths and routine observation is complete in the room.

We want our Moms to have the birthing experience they have dreamed about. So we offer TOLAC/VBAC and family centered cesarean sections with clear drapes if desired.  Those interested in natural delivery have options of birthing balls, birthing stools, and peanuts if desired.  Our excellent anesthesia staff is available 24/7 for epidurals for Moms desiring pain management.

Kangaroo Care is promoted after delivery as well as immediate skin to skin, delayed cord clamping and exclusive breastfeeding.  We also encourage rooming in throughout your stay, but please keep in mind the nursery is available if and when you need some rest!

Now more than ever, security is a high priority for our team. For your protection, we have 24-hour lock down security and we require everyone to identify him or herself and they must declare who they are planning to visit BEFORE we grant them access to the Birthing Center. During visitation, we ask that no more than 2 people be present for delivery and one 1 over night visitor is permitted.  We understand that personal comfort and your family's security are very important during this special time in your life. 

Womens Imaging 

The Women's Center on our campus is the local leader for high resolution digital mammography,  Dexa Scan ( bone density ) and breast biopsy, stereotactic and needle biopsy.  The staff is highly professional and very discrete. Our goal is to deliver expert care with the most innovative techniques while keeping the patient comfortable during the entire testing process.

For more information about women's services, our birthing center or our ongoing women's health education classes, please call (931) 766-3251